Naber Plastics BV is a manufacturer of different types of plastic flooring systems. Our portable floors are suitable for the hardening of e.g. parking lots, construction areas, concert stadiums and the installation of temporary roads. 


Naber Plastics BV has developed a new portable floor; PRO-MAX. This product has a unique weight distribution and is therefore suitable for car- en bus traffic. Applicable possibilities are temporary hardening of e.g. stadiums for concerts, construction areas and the construction of roads. Pro-Max is quick and simple to install. The product protects the underlying subsurface, such as turfs. It has a non-slip surface and is manufactured from recyclable material. At the Olympics in London we introduced the Pro-Max Floor, with which we hardened several parking lots.


Profloor Portable Flooring in Australia has started with the renting out of portable flooring in 1996. Originally the products were imported and distributed from Australia and New-Zealand. Leading up to the Olympics of 2000 in Sydney PFF developed their very own product range. Naber Plastics takes care of the production for Profloor Portable Flooring in Europe.


Geogrid is a smart and easy to install stabilizing system for gravel, sand and even grass. It is used for the stabilization of parking lots, private driveways and fire hydrant points among other things. Geogrid is manufactured from recycled material and is therefore an eco-friendly solution for permanent hardening.

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