innovation & productdevelopment

We are the winner of the BOV-trophy 2016, which was themed ‘Advantage through Innovation’ this year.

BOV stands for Beste Ondernemers Visie, which means Best Entrepreneurs Vision. As the name suggests, they are looking for the best entrepreneur. Because there are many types of entrepreneurs, companies and industries, this is examined annually within a specific theme. The theme of this year was ‘Advantage through Innovation’. This prestigious trophy for entrepreneurs located in the center part of Brabant was handed out for the 17th time. Starting with a first selection of approximately 50 companies, there were only three finalists left. The jury plays a major role. The jury contains local ‘captains of industry’ from various disciplines who create a clear and well-balanced image of the candidates. This is done by an extensive visit to the company, whereby a best possible image of the company will be created. The company is also subjected to a financial check and this year, regarding to the theme, assessed on the degree of innovativeness.

According to the jury, Naber Plastics stood out the most within the theme ‘Advantage through Innovation’. ‘’Remained standing through innovations and now again growing strongly, in possession of innovative leading cards.’’ words spoken by the chairman of the jury, mister Prof. Dr. Theo Verhallen.

We are extremely proud of this victory, it is a confirmation for us that we are heading in the right direction and it is the jewel in our crown.