about naber plastics

At the end of 2010 Naber Plastics moved to our new production facilities located at the ecological industrial zone Port VII in Waalwijk. We have implemented several innovative solutions that are in line with the ecological philosophy of this unique industrial zone. One of these is the application of the most energy efficient solutions in all of our energy using activities.
Our cooling system for example, consists of a combination of dry-coolers and chillers with extraordinarily high coefficients of performance (COP), while the over-sized pipe system reduces pressure losses. In addition, the application of communicating vessels creates an under-pressure in the recirculation system. And we use the residual heat to heat our offices and warehouses during the winter months.

The compressed air system is frequency controlled and uses a high-power closed circuit common main to prevent pressure loss. The  granulate silos are placed level with the transportation pipes, reducing the energy needed to transport the granulate. A major effort has gone into the energy network's infrastructure. Transportation of the 10 KV takes place on our own site. Transformers have been placed in close vicinity of the users, who are in turn connected via a 380 V line. This results in minimal energy loss and heat production. The energy we use is fully certified green electricity. And low-energy use for years has been a major deciding factor when investing in new injection molding machines.
All these factors combined have reduced Naber Plastics' energy consumption by 47% compared to the old situation, demonstrating that sustainable entrepreneurship can lead to a lower product cost price.


innovative partners

Profloor, triqo, EV Box.