about naber plastics

Stagnation means decline. Naber Plastics stands for sustainability and we are always looking for opportunities to improve this. When we, during the construction (2009) of our new building on the eco-industrial park ‘Haven VII’, had to make our choice regarding to the lighting we obviously chose the most modern and sustainable lighting of the time, a TL-5 lighting.

However, in the meantime there have been made developments in the light industry and in a factory where the lights are on 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, we felt like it was time for a new step in sustainability. In June 2016 we have replaced the lighting in the production hall by LED lighting. A huge energy savings is the result. Where we previously used 50 kWh for the lighting, we currently use only 17 kWh. Which means a saving up to 66%. In addition, the brightness is increased to 100 LUX. This offers a pleasant and comfortable working environment.