about naber plastics

During the daily operations, there will be made sure that in purchasing or working processes no unnecessary, direct or indirect, environmental damaging actions will be done. In purchasing there will be made sure that there will be worked with the most environmentally friendly materials. The daily operations should be made with an eye to environmental friendliness. This is being guaranteed by the environmental management system. All of this within the commercial goals of the organization, it should not be the case that the competitive position of our company will be damaged by behaving environmentally responsible.

By being continuously engaged in monitoring this environmental performance, guarantee of continuous improvement and prevention of pollution is possible and is being realized.

In meetings, goals are being set regarding the environment, adjusted and considered achieved. These goals will be included in the KVM-planning. A current overview of all goals and their status can be requested. The environmental management system also guarantees the documenting, implementing and maintaining of environmental issues.

The environmental policy will be communicated to all employees. The environmental policy is published on our website, available to the public.

Specifically the company will operate in the best way possible considering:

  1. Emissions to air
  2. Discharge into groundwater
  3. Discharge on or into the ground
  4. The use of semi-manufactures and natural raw materials, when applicable
  5. The use of energy
  6. The emission of energy, in the form of heat, radiation and vibrations
  7. Waste and by-products
  8. Physical characteristics, such as size, shape, colour and appearance

How this is accomplished exactly is described in, among other things, the environmental permit of 29-07-2008.

The environmental policy is in accordance with legal aspects.

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